The-Throw-on-and-Go Dress, or, How to Look like You Made an Effort


In case you haven’t noticed, yoga pants have crossed over from a great option for getting your down dog on to a lot of people’s go-to’s when running around during the day. Although I have been known to be seen in yoga pants outside the gym, this only happens when I am grabbing something on my way home from a workout. Instead, I like to opt for easy pieces that still work for whatever my day throws at me, but still look nice. One thing that is invaluable in my life is the “throw-on-and-go” dress. The shirt dress is definitely having a moment right now, so take note, because they are so comfy and breeze-y. Honestly, I can’t have too many of these. This is particular dress was a somewhat recent purchase that I have been wearing nonstop. One reason that I am obsessed with this is that it makes me look pulled together with pretty much no thought or effort involved. It is definitely as easy as putting on some yoga pants, but way more chic.







Dress: Forever 21, sold out, similar, similar/Sandals: Forever 21, old, similar/ Sunnies: Mink Pink, old, similar/ Purse: Vintage Dooney & Bourke/ Belt: Vintage

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Photos by Wendy Jones

Dare to Wear Gladiators

IMG_2078I am not ashamed to say that I love love love gladiator sandals. They make me feel kind of like a badass. But as one might expect, wearing gladiator sandals is not for the faint of heart. I definitely get my fair share of sideways glances when I am wearing them, even here in Los Angeles. The other day, in the middle of my Statistics class, my professor even stopped lecturing to comment on my “interesting” shoes. While my Stats professor is notorious for making examples of people who disrupt class by texting or making out with their neighbor (no lie), I knew I ran a small risk of him saying something about these shoes but I figured, hey, I get really good grades, I pay attention, I participate in class, he won’t bother with my shoes. Think again. Older generations might not get these shoes, but don’t let that stop you. If you are still intimidated by them, there are always less vertical versions of the gladiator that still give you the look with out all the looks, if you know what I mean. ;)






Top: Forever 21, similar/ Shorts: Vintage, similar/ Purse: Kate Spade/ Shoes: Just Fab, similar/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Anthony Deveney

My new obsession: Rocksbox

IMG_1988If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably aware that I have been raving over this thing called Rocksbox lately. (Btw, if you AREN’T following me on instagram, you totally should be! ;) ) You may not be aware that Rocksbox is this awesome website that allows you to rent designer jewelry for $19 a month. We are talking awesome designers like Gorjana, House of Harlow 1960, CC Skye, among others. I like to describe it as “the Netflix of accessories.” (Think old skool Netflix, when they actually mailed you DVD’s.) Here’s how it works: you go to, where they will ask you a couple questions about your fashion sense, what kind of jewelry you like, what kind of jewelry you tend to wear more often, as well as the ultimate question: gold or silver? After completing this short questionaire, you can look through their inventory of jewelry and put specific pieces you love on your wishlist. Once all this transpires, the good people at Rocksbox put three hand-picked items in a cute little box and send it your way. Here’s what I got this month:
IMG_1990Once you get your box, you can wear your pieces as much as your little heart desires. When you are ready for something new, you simply pack up your jewelry in a packet that is provided for you, and ship it back to where it came from. Here’s the cool part: if you fall in love with anything in your box and want to keep it, just keep it! Your account will be charged for the item(s) that you kept, but at a discounted price. On top of the discount you get with your membership, you also get $10 a month to spend toward your new-found favorite pieces of jewelry. What is super exciting is the fact that I am able to give you (yes, I’m looking at you!) 1 month for free at Rocksbox so you can try it for yourself. All you have to do is enter my code, bellepasparfaitxoxo at checkout. Don’t say I never gave you anything! ;)

And without further ado, here’s my outfit featuring the necklace and bracelet from my Rocksbox:



IMG_6391 - Version 2








Shirt: Nordstrom Rack, similar/ Skirt: H&M, similar/ Shoes: Report Signature, similar/ Purse: Kate Spade/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Necklace and Cuff bracelet: Rocksbox/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Rage by Lucy Samuelian Launch Party

IMG_2020Last night, I had the great pleasure of attending the launch party of Lucy Samuelian’s new jewelry line, Rage by LS. In case you aren’t familiar with Ms. Samuelian, she is a personal stylist and one of the stars of the reality TV series, “The Glendale Life.” She took her love for accessories and fashion and created some truly unique pieces. On Lucy’s blog, she writes, “The main concept for ‘RAGE’ came from what surrounded me my whole life, whether it’s the love for my culture or California‘s beautiful oceans of course. The key is you have to believe in it to make it a reality.” I really enjoyed her collection, the pieces are edgy but not over the top and look awesome when they are piled on top of each other, like so….
11192616_1433695480279476_1880227284_nPhoto via instagram: @ragebyls

The more rings, the better, I say!


IMG_2017I’m especially obsessed with this pearl ring from her “Deep Sea” collection, but seriously, I wanted everything! But really…my birthday is in a couple weeks so…if anyone wanted to know what I might want, here’s a great option! ;) Shop the entire collection here.

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The other day, somebody let me out of my cage and I got to go to brunch! If you are laughing, I don’t blame you, but that is a bit how I felt last weekend. As my school semester is coming to a close, I am working extremely hard trying to get everything done. It seems my days are just eat, sleep, school, work, repeat. Someday it will be summer, I keep repeating to myself.

Obviously, when my head is stuck in the books as it is now, putting together a great outfit for a rare brunch date is not something my brain always has the capacity for. That’s why I am obsessed with this grey dress. Its pretty basic, but that is the beauty of it. You can wear it with sneakers for daytime, and throw on some great heels for the evening and it still looks fantastic. If you don’t own a piece like this, I highly recommend finding one, you won’t find many dresses that are so versatile.







Dress: Flea Market, similar/ Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, similar/ Purse: Forever 21, similar/ Shoes: Converse/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Cuff: Forever 21

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Photos by Ashley Capella

A Note on the Culotte

j29Do you remember “gaucho” pants that were popular circa 2004? Man, I sure do. In fact, I still have my old pair lying around somewhere. Because they’re jersey, they have long since joined the ranks of my comfy-lounging-around-the-house attire. While that particular pair has been in retirement for a long time, the style has come back around, however, now they are known as the culotte. Normally, I am not into wearing bigger fitting, more over-sized things, which is why it took me a minute to get myself a pair of culottes. I am here to tell you not to be afraid of them, they are hella comfy, yet kinda fancy. Because these are so voluminous, I personally like to contrast that with a peek of skin by wearing a crop top.

Speaking of over-size things, can we talk for a minute about this amazing 80’s vintage moto jacket? Believe it or not, it was my grandmother’s. She was a pretty fashionable lady. I have been a little afraid of wearing this because of how big it is (remember, baggy things and I have formerly not mixed), but I’ve definitely come around and decided that this jacket is way too cool to sit in a box and never get worn.






j30Jacket: Vintage, vintage/ Top: Asos, similar/ Pants: Forever 21/ Shoes: Cici Hot/ Purse: Betsey Johnson, similar

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Photos by Anthony Deveney


IMG_6285Not gonna lie, #nochella quickly became my favorite hashtag over the past two weekends. This is mainly due to the fact that I really wanted to be at Coachella, and #nochella-ing it up doing other things made it not sting so much. However, when I got invited to spend Sunday hanging out with some friends at a beach house in Malibu, I quickly forgot all about Coachella. I mean seriously, this beach couldn’t have been more beautiful. This outfit definitely has a festival feel to it, but it also really worked for a relaxing day at the beach. To think that people actually get to wake up every morning to this kind of view is unfathomable!










Top: American Apparel/ Pants: Forever 21, old, similar/ Hat: Forever 21/Purse: Fossil, similar/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Sarah Hester


We’ll Always Have Santa Barbara


Sometimes, you just gotta get outta town, especially when you have been working your butt off for the last eight weeks with a slightly heavier school schedule while also balancing work. Spring break has never tasted so sweet as it has this semester, let me tell you. I had not spent much time in Santa Barbara, so my boyfriend and I decided to head up there for a couple days to explore and relax. Being the wine lover that I am, one of my favorite activities on this trip was going wine tasting in “The Funk Zone,” an area a couple blocks from the beach where all the local wineries have their tasting rooms. These pictures were taken after a couple hours of said wine tasting, so you might imagine how hard it was to actually balance on these railroad tracks. Though at the time I didn’t intend for it, this outfit is really giving really strong Casablanca vibes (thus the title of this post), probably due to the trench coat/fedora combination. A trench is one piece that is invaluable in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s practical when it rains, but it also is classic and can be worn with anything from a flannel and chucks to a formal dress. It is also great for almost any season, especially in spring when you could experience rain-showers and chilly sunsets all in one day.










Trench: H&M, similar/ Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger, old, similar/ Tank: Forever 21, similar/ Pants: Gap/ Hat: Forever 21/ Shoes: Converse/ Purse: Forever 21/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Coachella Vibes

If you are headed off to Coachella this weekend or next, I am super jealous of you. I haven’t been in 6 years and every year I kick myself for once again not going. There’s always next year, right? I remember when I went back in 2009, I had no idea what to expect. When I do it again, let me just say I will be doing a couple things differently. For one, I will be staying in a hotel and not camping, there’s nothing like waking up at 7am in a pool of your own sweat (TMI, maybe?). But above all, I would most definitely make much better wardrobe choices. The mistake I made back then was not realizing just how important fashion is at music festivals. All I knew is that i was going to be outside for three days in 100+ degree desert weather, so i just went for wearing my bathing suit and some sort of light cover-up. This is a fine choice to make, but realize that everyone else is bringing their fashion A-game to Coachella. If you do nothing else, think boho: anything fringe, floral, or vintage looking, and you are good to go. Also, it should go without saying that you need to bring some major sunscreen, protective sunglasses, and a great hat. My last piece of advice for #winning at Coachella? Get yourself a solar-powered iphone charger, because all those selfies are gonna drain your battery fast.

Coachella Vibes

Coachella Vibes by missmoorestyle featuring wildfox jewelry

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Sunday Best

IMG_6126Easter is probably the epitome of “putting on your Sunday best.” When I was younger, getting an “Easter Dress” was always something I really looked forward to. This always involved going to Dillard’s with my mom and grandmother to pick out just what I would wear to church on that very special Sunday. While I haven’t had an Easter dress in years, I picked up this amazing dress recently and immediately fell in love with it because it reminded me of a dress i wore on Easter probably around the time I was 8. I remember trying on this dress and thinking there had never been nor would there ever be anything prettier. In fact, I don’t think I have ever any piece of clothing as much as I loved this dress. What can I say, I’ve been fashion obsessed since…forever. Here’s that gem of an Easter dress in all its 90’s glory below:

throwbacklwdWhile personally Easter isn’t quite the same as it used to be back then, I can’t deny that I won’t take any excuse or occasion to get dressed up, especially when the dress reminds me of my favorite dress EVER.







Dress: Forever 21/ Shoes: Shoedazzle, sold out, similar/ Clutch: House of Harlow 1960

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Photos by Ashley Capella