Retro Red, White, and Blue

IMG_6774I often feel like I can chalk up a lot of things in my life to “Murphy’s Law,” which states that anything that can on wrong will Continue reading

Dress Up Your Graphic T-Shirt


When you are getting all dressed up for a night out, graphic t’s are probably the last thing that you reach for. I get it, I’ve always loved a funny or whimsical printed t-shirt, but Continue reading

Wish List Wednesday: Nordstrom Summer Clearance

Nordstrom Summer Clearance

Nordstrom has some awesome stuff marked down right now, which is bad, because I should really put my credit card in a large tub of water and stick it in the freezer a la Continue reading

7 Wardrobe Staples, 1 Outfit

By now, you are probably aware that there are certain pieces that are essential to have in your closet. You’ve heard that you need an LBD, good pair of jeans, and a trench coat probably a million times. While those are definitely must have’s, in my opinion, there are some other pieces that are also Continue reading

The Case for the Jumpsuit

What does your summer social calendar look like? Is it jam packed with engagement parties, bridal showers, and weddings? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone, because wedding season is in full swing. While I personally love to get dressed up Continue reading

#TuesdayShoesday: Sneakers with Everything

Let your tired feet rejoice! Thanks to the longevity of the “athlesiure” trend, sneakers are no longer restricted to torture time at the gym. This is great news for pretty much everyone: if you wear heels too much, you can give yourself a break and still look chic, and if you never liked wearing heels in the first place, well, congrats, because sneakers these days are cooler than ever. Last spring, Chanel pretty much solidified this trend by sending all their looks down the runway paired with sneakers:
viavoguePhoto via

 I won’t lie, making the adjustment and wearing sneakers with non-athletic wear was weird at first. I am one of those chicks that just love heels even though they always kill me in the end. When I wear sneakers, I can’t help but feel just a little bit cooler; they make your outfit look unexpected and a little bit more edgy. Here are a couple past outfits where I have tried the sneaker-as-fashion trend:


I also love how crazy sneakers are getting these days. You could go with anything from plaid white and clean to bright neon and printed, the possibilities are endless. Check out a couple of my favorite sneaker pics below:

#tuesdayshoesday: sneakers

 Here’s some more great street style examples that show you can literally wear sneakers with anything from shorts and a t-shirt to an evening dress:

sincerelyjulesPhoto via

happilygreyPhoto via

viapinterestPhoto via

vivaluxuryPhoto via

thefashioncaruselPhoto via

gettyimagesPhoto via

gettyimages1Photo via

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Tropical Vibes

IMG_6556Hello, new favorite summer dress! In case you haven’t noticed, palm prints are the new polka dot print lately. Ok, maybe that is a BIT of an exaggeration. If you can sense my enthusiasm through your computer screen, its because I’ve had this little number for less than 48 hours, and I am already obsessed. Like, I want to buy it in every color/print it comes in obsessed. The color and the fabric are so rich, you wouldn’t think it was a $35 $25 H&M dress. (Hello, its on sale for $10 less!) This dress is super versatile; I wore it pretty casual here, but with some strappy sandals, it would be a great option to wear for a dressier occasion, like a summer wedding. I also love the circle skirt, it kind of makes me just want to skip and spin around constantly, because I’m a nerd like that. In other exciting news, this look was featured on Who What Wear! Check that out here.









IMG_6557Dress: H&M/ Clutch: H&M/ Hat: JCrew/ Sandals: Amazon/ Sunnies: Ray Ban, old, similar/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Necklace: Forever 21, old, similar

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Photos by Sarah Hester

“Just put on something cute”

IMG_6542Girlfriends are great. You can always depend on them to be there for you when you need it, give you advice, and keep you grounded. I don’t know about you, but whenever I am about to go out with a friend of mine, one of us will inevitably text the other, “So, what are you going to wear?” For me personally, this is a way for me to gauge how dressed up/ down everyone else is going to be so I know I won’t be too over the top. Yesterday, two friends of mine had a good laugh at my expense, because apparently whenever they ask me this question, I always respond, “Oh, I’m just gonna put on something cute.” Yeah, that is just so helpful and specific, right?!

On another note, I wanted to post this top because a) I’m really obsessed with it, b) eyelet is huge for summer, and c) it looks just like a more expensive top from Zara that is trying to be Oscar de la Renta. This top is pretty and feminine, but the eyelet gives it that something different that is so much more interesting than a plain white shirt. Another reason eyelet is awesome: built in ventilation. It is really heating up around here, so fashion that also keeps me cool is a win-win.






Top: Sheinside/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Sandals: Forever 21, similar/ Purse: Kate Spade/ Sunnies: Asos, old, similar/ Watch: Michael Kors

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“If I were to be given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.” – Charles M. Schultz

Photos by Leanne Mertzman

(UN)basic black

I am not usually an all-black kind of girl. If you took one look into my closet, you would see an overwhelming amount of color and print, because those are my favorite things to wear. However, sometimes you gotta go back to the basics. Don’t be fooled though: just because you are wearing one color doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring. To keep a monochromatic look interesting, mix pieces that have different cuts and textures. This sheer top is a great piece for that because it is long and sheer with a built-in top. It’s also an awesome way to try the crop top trend without baring so much skin, plus its super lightweight and breezy for summer.









Top: Forever 21/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Purse: H&M/ Sandals: Just Fab/ Sunnies: Forever 21, similar/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Necklace: Forever 21

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Photos by Ashley Capella

Birthday Dress

Last Saturday, I turned the big 2-7. While I am none too pleased at how dangerously close I am to being in my 30’s, I can’t say that I am never upset at having a birthday party. I really haven’t had any kind of social life for the last couple months due to the piles of school assignments I’ve had, so getting to actually go out and have fun was pretty exciting. This year, I celebrated my 27th birthday at Funky Sole Night at The Echo, which is a great time if you love dancing to some awesome 70’s funk jams. (I still have James Brown stuck in my head as I write this). I wanted to get into the theme of the night without looking too costume-y, so lucky for me, the 70’s are making a huge comeback in fashion these days. This dress isn’t something I would normally buy, but for the look I was going for, I loved it. My boyfriend describes this as looking like his grandmother’s couch. If that’s the case, she must have a pretty awesome couch.










Dress: Asos/ Shoes: Forever 21, similar/ Purse: H&M/ Sunnies: Forever 21/ Watch: Michael Kors

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