Dressed in Plaid


This plaid shirt dress has to be one of my favorite pieces I’ve bought this season. First of all, wearing this feels like I am going out in a really comfy nightdress. I haven’t worn a nightdress since before I was 10 years old, but this is so cozy that it reminds me of what they felt like. Secondly, this dress is pretty effortless. I just throw this on with some fun jewelry and boots and BAM, I’m ready to go. Third, its plaid and who doesn’t love some plaid in the fall? I look forward to layering this with sweaters when it finally starts to get chilly around here, but who knows when that day will come. Sorry ’bout it for all the 200 million people out there who have that nasty “polar vortex” to deal with this week!








Dress: Forever 21, sold out, similar/ Boots: Freebird by Steven, old, similar/ Purse: Shoe dazzle, similar/ Necklace: Forever 21, similar/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Ashley Capella

All Black Everything


Congrats everyone, you have made it to Friday! I love the weekends just as much as the next person, but lately I have been taking full advantage of them by just being lazy around the apartment. My schedule has been nothing but school, work, and more work lately, so all I want to do on my days off is stay in and order takeout. I know, glamorous, right? In the event that I do decide to get off the couch, the last thing I want is stand in my closet for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear. That’s where going monochromatic comes in handy. Wearing one color (or in my case, non-color) makes figuring out what to wear simple. If you want to spice this up a bit, play with different textures and proportions. There you have it, my guide to lazy day dressing. Now get out there, all you weekend warriors…or don’t.






Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Just Fab, similar/ Shoes: H&M/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Purse: Just Fab, similar

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Photos by Ashley Capella

A Lesson in Shopping Savvy


Look at this dress. Now, take 10 seconds and think of where I might have bought it. If Free People comes to mind, you aren’t completely wrong. The slip under the dress is from Free People, so good job! ;) If you are like me and love Free People but can’t bear the thought of forking over $100+ dollars for a dress, you are not alone. Every time I walk into Free People, I cry a little bit. I want everything, but 95% of the time I am not willing to pay their ridiculous prices. However, I have found that you can find clothes with that same boho-chic vibe on Ebay that look like the real thing, but for a quarter of the price. I know, brilliant right? This particular dress is pretty much exactly like its Free People counterpart. Don’t believe me? Check it out here. I’m here to tell you that you can have this dress for $20 or less. This has been your amazing shopping tip of the day. You’re welcome.






Dress: Ebay/ Slip: Free People/ Shoes: Report Signature, similar/ Bag: Michael Kors, no longer available, similar/ Necklace: Forever 21

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Photos by Ashley Capella

Don’t Sink my Battleship


When was the last time you saw an outfit post on a battleship? The answer is probably never. Pretty cool though, right? In the spirit of spending the afternoon on a boat, I decided to dress accordingly with some nautical touches here and there. These denim joggers are kind of my new favorite pair of pants. They’re pretty slouchy, but throw on some gold wedges and suddenly you could totally go out in them. That being said, I wouldn’t really recommend wearing said wedges to tour a battleship. It’s totally doable, but not without its difficulties. So, if you happen to find yourself in the Long Beach, California area and feel like taking in some history and wandering around a battleship, definitely check out the USS Iowa. But probably wear flats…you can thank me later.








Shirt: Forever 21, similar/ Pants: Forever 21/ Bag: Kate Spade/ Wedges: Jessica Simpson/ Sunnies: Mink Pink, no longer available, similar


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1 Midi Skirt, 2 Ways


Welcome to the second edition of me putting on one garment and styling it two ways! The midi skirt has been on trend for the last two years now, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I have a pencil skirt midi, but have been shopping for the perfect full midi for a while. I bought this one about a month or two ago and have been dying for summer to end so I can start wearing it. Here’s a couple of things to love about a full midi skirt:

1. It comes in at your waist and flares out, big time. This is only beneficial if you like to look like you have a tiny waist and hide anything you aren’t too crazy about below. If that’s something you aren’t going for, then this skirt may not be for you.

2. There are not too many pieces of clothing that can just make you feel like a lady….who should be going to a ball….This could just be me, but that’s how I feel in this skirt.

3. The Spin Test. You know what I mean.

My first inclination with a skirt like this is to wear it with a simple, fitted top. However, in the name of having fun, I decided to style this skirt with a quirky sweatshirt, a dash of leopard, and girly accessories.



One of my neighbors is the lucky owner of this awesome mint colored scooter. I would have one of these too if I wasn’t so afraid of all the really horrific LA drivers running over me. You only get one face, ya know? In any case, it made a great prop for this outfit…my facial expression is due to the fact that I was pretty nervous said owner would come out their back door to see me sitting on their scooter…livin’ on the edge, that’s how I roll! ;)




Now I present look 2: classic, sleek, and modern. A skirt this great doesn’t always need a lot of embellishment, because it can stand on its own and be the focus of your look. I like the crop with this as it shows a little skin to contrast the fullness of the skirt.




By the way, if you are anything like me and are constantly drooling over Aquazzura‘s gorgeous heels but can’t afford them, this pair from Forever 21 is a pretty great alternative. The added bonus is that they are actually pretty comfortable too. Saving about $580 AND not making your feet cry? I’m down.



First look: Sweatshirt: Forever 21, sold out, similar/ Blouse: H&M, similar/ Skirt: Sammy Dress/ Heels: Shoemint, old, similar/ Clutch: H&M, old, similar/ Sunnies: Mink Pink

Second look: Top: American Apparel/ Skirt: Sammy Dress/ Heels: Forever 21/ Purse: Shoe Dazzle, old, similar

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Photos by Bianca Bethune <3

A little Country, a little Rock n’ Roll


You would think that because I grew up in Nashville, TN, I would love country music. Au contraire, at least for the majority of my life. For whatever reason, I tried to distance myself from anything that had to do with the genre of music that my hometown is so well known for. I think a part of it was that when I met people from other areas of the country, I used to feel as though they looked down on people from the South for one reason or another. Country music, at least to me, seemed to embody all the negative stereotypes you could image for anyone living in the Southern United States. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that not only have I found a sense of pride in where I come from, but I also have discovered that I might actually like some country music. One such band is the one printed on my t-shirt, Blackberry Smoke. Their music is a bit more Southern Rock than country, but hey, baby steps right? If you are interested in checking out their music, which I highly recommend, you can do so here.







Band Tee: Here/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger, similar/ Boots: Shoemint/ Hat: Forever 21/ Purse: Rebecca Minkoff/ Watch: Michael Kors

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A Little Dose of Fall Fashion Inspiration

You know time of year when the leaves change, the weather gets chillier, and you get to wear sweaters, boots, and coats again? I miss that time of year. Here in Los Angeles, we are not experiencing any of these things yet. The reality here in Southern California is that September is usually the HOTTEST month of the year and we probably won’t see the leaves do any changing of color till about Christmas. However, this never stops me from getting really excited about fall. It may continue to be hot as hell here, but on the occasional day when the temps dip below 70 degrees, you had best believe this girl is busting out her fall duds. In honor of the season I love most and haven’t properly experienced in the last 6 years, here are my favorite fall trends for 2014.


Saying that plaid is great for fall is like saying that there are always too many instagrams of #pumpkinspicelattes in the fall. Obviously. However synonymous plaid is with fall, this year it seems to be everywhere. To update your plaid, pair them with contrasting colors or mix two plaids together in one look

5b8b62bf92434b56dc2622c890fabd6a 08b18e9aa940044c9c9c2e34fe17254d 2aca3c29b692f9c294d59ccaa415a06b b9ba35f3ec6327a8de2ace78b1e0cb6b 6c648a3f41500daceef86157f55b2e22 93be36c3ef0e2d9a9787dc953cf76c87 e21aa948d56e971435fc0d58fd0c852e b4ba0eee797d146dc2f3e28bbe855e4f

Get the look:


Skirt: DailyLook/ Dress: BB Dakota/Scarf: Lord & Taylor


To give your coat game an update, go for something on the bigger side- extra points for a drapey, deconstructed fit.

533c064cfe829cfb1048118298086d56 8b5f17a0089116106c028f7f45a3ab65 fd3fabf97149f03259861b826cf17e47 be969a4f13dc2c1eb694d31d359926da 40b9597dde1b17032796850561ebda0b efdfc2862f9438ebdf68d8c4ab86f031 1ea39a2c457a7303389b452555f5fa8e

Get the look:


Sheinside/Asos/Urban Outfitters


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to pack up your light colored pieces. I really like pastels and whites for fall, its fresh and unexpected. If you aren’t quite ready to embrace this look head to toe, just incorporate them in small does for a contrast to darker pieces.

e9178710af2a80a45b86cdc766be72d4 Jamie Chung 8073c4aa07f1947b36b581dcf3613698 de05cb1e0034c0b0ce07b2c99c3c4b51 c3e77ebd3e379f9c574c897e491bb351 bdd04970505a096a1d1779dc1ded227e f76bdbfd1e4a8bac98a1f81be7a731df ca38672a1ab1d39e4cf1fa7bc2d2624d 00a3be8324f311b08a71fe69dfd83a55 ombre-pastel-sweater-and-boots

Get the look:


Daily Look/Sheinside/Lulu’s


Coats aren’t the only thing getting the over-sized treatment this season. What’s not to love about a big, cozy sweater? The bigger, the better!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ee7dddb365035529a2a25f68b40d43fd e9ddd8c9a75dba3c51b648e3db317728 73f4b7a4c9a841c22b84735277a6c180 5dfe4b49f93d3b33051e016b4ef4ce0b 01485d310abdca7c1eefb9b38c74f758 a7899f234dccdd3c8e76fba6bfb4dfc2 1731dbd42354c4905e0ad5134ca539be

Get the look:


Sheinside/Free People/Oasap


Fur and shag pieces are awesome because they come in so many different textures, colors, prints, and cuts. I love the luxe, boho vibe they can lend to anything you pair them with.

0d0e507196e935e5c6571d997e3327cf heavy-fur-coat ea15e541063958b84d639dee51252e26 3984b9b0c027b129d27606ed1a2d6214 9b0492e8c4c966556956f35bbc5108a0 7c50feb54ddd63721f20983b1853bf40 43fe78e15fc281ce79e60aa708b405a6 bc53a88fb86d98431d16b85c40097beb 23f8ba741df61a5cafd9d807051cb799 91a12bcdd87db02e3cf5b0d0027925ea

Get the look:


Urban Outfitters/BB Dakota/Forever 21


Its fringe. It moves. Its fun. Go small with a fringed bag or go big with a full on leather fringe skirt.

a9edff83659e2ff934003697194cab9e 2a666ef1037d1cb37aa9cd81c7f56bb8 bd29581b044da9d5f47a382ddf488dfe 8413939100dfee1c9c558b525ab9b668 7d0d754fd6b3d407209e4bec4c534fa2 0e13d1f30d1dc9c9509513c95f02b649 bbf5778ffc774b1cf55a1acd2727b1f7 db5798b35da62cf60d4c65c8437ae025 c0b8f03778c4016473b8b1fb36fa694a 44e67a831e4fff30178edec8c4df17eb

Get the look:


Forever 21/Swell/Urban Outfitters

These pictures are not my own, they were all found via Pinterest. If you love what you see, feel free to follow me. I have a pretty solid Pinterest addiction, so you are bound to have a constant stream of awesomeness if you do.

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Barn Chic






I could be absolutely out of my mind, but I have the hardest time finding things to wear to weddings. I am always somehow compelled to find the perfect thing to wear for the setting. I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but I am going to assume the latter. I kind of enjoy this madness, but it does make shopping for what I want seem like I’m trying to find a needle in a haystack. I definitely hit the shopping HARD for a solid 2 months at any and every clothing store in LA, as well as every conceivable online retailer I could think of, before I stumbled on this little number. What can I say, I am either very picky or I have a very specific vision. When I found this dress, it was love at first sight, plus it fit perfectly with this gorgeous rustic, country barn wedding in Illinois. My only regret is that I found it at the end of summer and will most likely have to wait till next spring to wear it again.






What’s the perfect dress without the perfect date?


Dress: Little Mistress, via Asos, sold out, similar here, and here/ Clutch: House of Harlow 1960, sold out, same style in gold/ Shoes: Jessica Simpson

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Last week, some friends and I had the brilliant idea to swing through Chi-town for a couple days on our way to a wedding in Illinois. I have loved this city ever since my mom brought me here in high school to visit a potential college. Chicago is fantastic because you have that big city feel, but the people have a more down to earth, friendly attitude. Also, you can’t beat the stunning architecture all over the city. During our day of sightseeing and being tourists, we visited Millennium Park to see the Cloud Gate, or, as most people call it, “The Bean.” Honestly, I think the latter name is much more appropriate for this sculpture seeing as how its just a massive mirrored bean, but I guess Cloud Gate sounds more sophisticated. It’s reflective surface just begged for a photo op, so of course I couldn’t resist.







On a side note, I’m pretty obsessed with this top. Wearing sheer clothing has been a big trend in the last couple years, but it can be a hard trend to pull off. I think the key is finding something with just the right amount of sheerness without giving everyone a full on show of your underwear. If that’s what you are into, hey, I am not judging, but a little mystery is kinda cool if you ask me.



We also took a trip to the Willis tower. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything quite like standing on glass 103 floors above ground…the feeling is truly unreal.


Shirt: Forever 21, similar/ Shorts: Forever 21/ Jacket: Forever 21, similar, on sale!/ Sandals: Report, old, similar/ Purse: Michael Kors

As a public service announcement, if you visit Chicago, let me advise you to never set your purse down for one second. I made that mistake and learned the hard way when my phone and credit card was stolen. Suffice it to say I have been in major iPhone withdrawals for the past week and can’t wait to pre-order my iPhone 6 later tonight.

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Girly Girl






Top: Ann Taylor LOFT, similar/ Skirt: Forever 21, similar/ Shoes: Shoedazzle, old, similar/ Bag: Michael Kors, old, similar/ Sunnies: Mink Pink/ Watch: Michael Kors

In case you haven’t noticed, fashion has been going in a very androgynous direction in the past couple of years. Over-sized fits, sneakers with everything, and sweatpants as fashion are all well and good, but sometimes I just feel like taking a break from all that and embracing my inner girly-girl. So please excuse the ultra feminine vibe of this outfit, because sometimes I just can’t help myself.

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