We’ll Always Have Santa Barbara


Sometimes, you just gotta get outta town, especially when you have been working your butt off for the last eight weeks with a slightly heavier school schedule while also balancing work. Spring break has never tasted so sweet as it has this semester, let me tell you. I had not spent much time in Santa Barbara, so my boyfriend and I decided to head up there for a couple days to explore and relax. Being the wine lover that I am, one of my favorite activities on this trip was going wine tasting in “The Funk Zone,” an area a couple blocks from the beach where all the local wineries have their tasting rooms. These pictures were taken after a couple hours of said wine tasting, so you might imagine how hard it was to actually balance on these railroad tracks. Though at the time I didn’t intend for it, this outfit is really giving really strong Casablanca vibes (thus the title of this post), probably due to the trench coat/fedora combination. A trench is one piece that is invaluable in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s practical when it rains, but it also is classic and can be worn with anything from a flannel and chucks to a formal dress. It is also great for almost any season, especially in spring when you could experience rain-showers and chilly sunsets all in one day.










Trench: H&M, similar/ Blouse: Tommy Hilfiger, old, similar/ Tank: Forever 21, similar/ Pants: Gap/ Hat: Forever 21/ Shoes: Converse/ Purse: Forever 21/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Coachella Vibes

If you are headed off to Coachella this weekend or next, I am super jealous of you. I haven’t been in 6 years and every year I kick myself for once again not going. There’s always next year, right? I remember when I went back in 2009, I had no idea what to expect. When I do it again, let me just say I will be doing a couple things differently. For one, I will be staying in a hotel and not camping, there’s nothing like waking up at 7am in a pool of your own sweat (TMI, maybe?). But above all, I would most definitely make much better wardrobe choices. The mistake I made back then was not realizing just how important fashion is at music festivals. All I knew is that i was going to be outside for three days in 100+ degree desert weather, so i just went for wearing my bathing suit and some sort of light cover-up. This is a fine choice to make, but realize that everyone else is bringing their fashion A-game to Coachella. If you do nothing else, think boho: anything fringe, floral, or vintage looking, and you are good to go. Also, it should go without saying that you need to bring some major sunscreen, protective sunglasses, and a great hat. My last piece of advice for #winning at Coachella? Get yourself a solar-powered iphone charger, because all those selfies are gonna drain your battery fast.

Coachella Vibes

Coachella Vibes by missmoorestyle featuring wildfox jewelry

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Sunday Best

IMG_6126Easter is probably the epitome of “putting on your Sunday best.” When I was younger, getting an “Easter Dress” was always something I really looked forward to. This always involved going to Dillard’s with my mom and grandmother to pick out just what I would wear to church on that very special Sunday. While I haven’t had an Easter dress in years, I picked up this amazing dress recently and immediately fell in love with it because it reminded me of a dress i wore on Easter probably around the time I was 8. I remember trying on this dress and thinking there had never been nor would there ever be anything prettier. In fact, I don’t think I have ever any piece of clothing as much as I loved this dress. What can I say, I’ve been fashion obsessed since…forever. Here’s that gem of an Easter dress in all its 90’s glory below:

throwbacklwdWhile personally Easter isn’t quite the same as it used to be back then, I can’t deny that I won’t take any excuse or occasion to get dressed up, especially when the dress reminds me of my favorite dress EVER.







Dress: Forever 21/ Shoes: Shoedazzle, sold out, similar/ Clutch: House of Harlow 1960

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Photos by Ashley Capella

Tuesday Shoesday: Mules

Good afternoon everyone! For my second installment of Tuesday Shoesday, I’m talkin’ Mules. Mules are everywhere right now, from the feet of the fabulous to almost everyone’s drink order. (Seriously, why is everyone drinking Moscow Mules these days?!) I have never owned a pair of these, and while I do love them, I feel as though you really gotta be on your balance game because these are just basically slip on stilettos. If you are into a little more stability in your shoe, you could definitely opt for the more chunky-heeled version of this shoe. Check out how these chic ladies take their (non-drinkable) mules:

camilleovertherainbowCamille Over the Rainbow

happilygreyHappily Grey

peaceloveshaePeace, Love, Shae

lustforlifeLust for Life

fabsugarFab Sugar

Tuesday Shoesday: Mules

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Not Your Grandma’s Gingham

Gingham. It’s not just for picnics, your grandmother, or Dorothy Halloween costumes anymore. If you can only update your wardrobe this spring with one thing, I highly recommend something gingham because it is huge this season. Also, despite the fact that this is a “trend” this year, gingham doesn’t really ever go out of style. This little shirtdress is probably going to be on heavy rotation for me this spring and summer because it is so freakin’ comfortable, breezy, and versatile. I decided to style it a little bit quirky for running around this afternoon by wearing it with high top sneakers and a bright, printed scarf, but I could easily see it being great for evening with some strappy black sandals (or red, if you wanna go for that tongue-in-cheek ode to Dorothy look…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…).






Dress: Forever 21/Sneakers: Nike, similar in a different color here/ Purse: Kate Spade/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Cuff: Flea Market, similar

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Photos by Sarah Hester

Boho in the ‘Bu

In case you are a bit confused by the title of this post, “the ‘bu” is what some of us here in Southern California lovingly use to refer to that paradise that is Malibu. The funny thing about living in LA is that while everyone else probably thinks that all we do is hang out at the beach, in reality, most people you talk to will tell you they feel as though they rarely get out to the coast. In my opinion, this is a huge shame and a sad reality. However, when you have a great reason to get yourself out to Malibu, like when your parents come to town, the excuse is always welcome. I had a great afternoon a couple weeks ago enjoying the sun and scenery at Malibu Pier with my parents, who were visiting from Tennessee. We grabbed some lunch at Malibu Farm, which I am pretty obsessed with because it was super delicious and healthy.

If you read my last post, you know that the Boho look is big this spring, which is why I did not hesitate to snap up this awesome crochet-macrame looking dress. I could also see it doubling as a really awesome bathing suit cover-up if you wore it sans slip. Another thing to note is the fact that whether or not you like it, gladiator sandals are still huge and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so get yourself a pair! They go great with things that have a hippie sensibility to them, but they also add a fun twist to other looks as well. Plus, they may make you feel like Xena, Warrior Princess when you wear them, which is not a bad thing.




My pretty mom and me :)





Dress: Forever 21/ Hat: Lucky Brand, similar/ Shoes: Amazon, similar/ Purse: Fossil, similar/ Belt: Vintage

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Spring 2015 Trends

It is now officially spring, which means it is time for fresh new trends. This year’s crop of trends is nothing new really, but I am really enjoying how designers are taking past trends and revamping them in a fresh and modern way. If you are ready to pack your coats and sweaters away and start start planning your spring wardrobe shopping list, I have compiled my favorite spring trends for this year to help you in your sartorial choices this season, plus some great affordable options for you to shop! You’re welcome. ;)

ginghamOscar de la Renta (Getty Images)/ Diane von Furstenberg (Indigitalimages.com)/ Michael Kors (Indigitalimages.com)

Gingham is probably THE print of the Spring/Summer 2015 season. I have to admit, the Southern girl in me is secretly thrilled this is such a huge thing right now. The key to making this modern is thinking outside the box. Don’t think picnic or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, look for this print in modern sillhouettes with interesting details, like the sheer skirt on that DVF dress that I am positively drooling over lately.

Shop this look:


Asos/ Asos/ Zara

Jcrew/ Asos/ Zara

luxe hippie
Etro (Indigitalimages.com)/ Valentino (Indigitalimages.com)/ Emilio Pucci (Feudiguaineri.com)

Boho looks will always be close to my heart, probably because I remember loving it so much when it was last a huge deal when I was a high school freshman and wore nothing but boho-inspired outfits. This season’s offerings on this look are much more luxe than what I loved as a teenager. Look for vibrant colors and rich details when shopping this look this spring.

Shop this look:


Asos/ Asos/ H&M/

H&M/ Lulu’s/ Lulu’s/ Zara 

That 70’s Revamp
70's nostalgia
Tommy Hilfiger (Indigitalimages.com)/ St. Laurent (Indigitalimages.com)/ Prada (feudiguaineri.com)

The 2015 Spring/Summer runways were full of 70’s inspired looks. I personally love 70’s fashion because to me it is so bold and straightforward, with a carefree vibe. This season’s take is all about mixing 70’s sillhouettes in different patterns and textures for a more modern take. Do not go too literal on this trend, because after all, you don’t want to look like you are going to a 70’s themed costume party!

Shop this look:


Asos/ Asos/ Asos/ Nasty Gal

Gap/ Zara/ Zara/ Topshop

Neutral Territory
Blank Space
Dior (Indigitalimages.com)/ Isabel Marant (Indigitalimages.com)/ Zero + Maria Cornejo (Indigitalimages.com)

Neutrals are a classic and will always be in style, but I love the way these looks are so unabashedly minimal, yet still really interesting. I don’t think I have ever left my house in a head-to-toe white ensemble such as these, but I definitely want to give it a try because if it is done right, it looks so crisp and fresh.

Shop this look:


Gap/ Lulu’s/ Old Navy/ Zara

H&M/ Nasty Gal/ Zara/ Zara

Bold Florals
Celine (feudiguaineri.com)/ Diane von Furstenberg (Indigitalimages.com)/ Michael Kors (Indigitalimages.com)

Saying that florals are “in” for spring is pretty much something that is said EVERY spring, but I personally feel that they are a staple look for spring for obvious reasons. This season’s version is bold and bright. Again, DVF is killing me with how amazing her dresses are. If I had that dress (pictured in the middle), I don’t think I would ever take it off.

Shop this look:


Asos/ Gap/ Nasty Gal/ Nasty Gal/ Asos  

Lulu’s/ Old Navy/ Zara/ Zara/ Zara 

Giambattista Valli (Indigitalimages.com)/ Alberta Ferretti (Gettyimages.com)/ Emilio Pucci (Feudiguaineri.com)

The fringe trend is really a result of the 70’s and boho trends coming back in full force this season, but I wanted to talk about it separately because I really just love fringe that much. Is anything more fun to wear than fringe? If you can think of something that is, please let me know, because I would love to to try it!

Shop this look:


Asos/ Asos/ Asos/ Asos/ H&M

H&M/ Lulu’s/ Nasty Gal/ Nasty Gal/ Zara   

Crop Tops
Balmain (IMAXTREE)/ Michael Kors (Indigitalimages.com)/ Oscar de la Renta (Indigitalimages.com)

Crop tops have reigned supreme since 2013, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. This is bad news if you don’t like doing crunches, because wearing crop tops is definitely not easily done. That being said, this season’s version seems to be a little longer, a little looser, and a little boxier than previous season’s crop tops. I realize that the Balmain version pictured doesn’t really illustrate this like the other two looks, however, i was so obsessed with it that I had to include it.

Shop this look:


Asos/ Asos

Lulu’s/ Zara

Sporty Chic
sporty chic
Stella McCartney (Indigitalimages.com)/ Alexander Wang (Indigitalimages.com)/ Tory Burch (IMAXTREE)

Like it or not, athletic wear has come on the fashion scene in a big way lately. This is a little hard for me to come to terms with. I have seen street style pictures of the most perfect fashion “it girls” wearing Adidas track pants with heels and a blouse. This kind of combination sort of goes against a lot of the things I stand for when it comes to fashion, but as I am always trying to think outside the box, I am keeping an open mind when it comes to this new sporty-chic side of fashion. To me, these looks are like the most elevated versions of what a grown-up tomboy would wear. I was never a tomboy, but honestly, I am learning to love these “sportswear” type looks.

Shop this Look:


Zara/ Lulu’s/ Lulu’s

Nasty Gal/ Lulu’s/ Lulu’s 

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Los Angeles Fashion Week: Sue Wong

IMG_6024A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sarah asked me if I wanted to accompany her to Sue Wong’s Fall/ Winter show during LA Fashion Week. My response was, “Uhhh….yes please!” Of course, as soon as the invitation was extended, our next thoughts were immediately, “What to wear?!” Seeing as how we had a little less than two weeks to prepare and very packed schedules, I recommended we try Rent the Runway. In case you aren’t aware of what Rent the Runway is, it is a website where you can rent designer duds for really affordable prices. They have you covered for anything you might need for any type of occasion, whether it is a casual summer wedding or a black tie gala. One thing I really love about this site is that women who have rented dresses write reviews on the dress they rented and upload pictures of themselves in the dress. This really helps take the guesswork out of knowing how a dress will look on you because you can simply find someone who has a similar body type to yours and see how the dress looked on them.

Another amazing feature of this Rent the Runway is that they send you a “backup dress” in a different size just in case the size you ordered isn’t quite right. If you are like me, you insist that you are always a certain size. I am usually always a size 6, and while the size 6 fit, the dress ran a bit small so I was grateful for the “backup” size 8 they also sent me. Once you pick your dress, you tell them what four days you need it on, and you are well on your way to having the “what to wear” dilemma off your mind! If you want to get crazy, you can pay $99 a month and have unlimited access to their “wardrobe” and rent pieces as you please! It’s kind of like old school Netflix, you rent a piece and send it back when you are done with it and ready for the next one.

I chose this Milly dress because I wanted to wear something that paid a little homage to Sue Wong’s extravagant style. I had a couple of people at the show who thought this was one of her designs! In any case, it was so much fun to wear and I was really upset that I had to send it back.



IMG_6036Sarah wanted to go for something simple and sexy that she could play up with fun accessories, so she chose this jersey DKNY number. You really can’t go wrong with a LBD.


My Look: Dress: Milly via Rent The Runway/ Clutch: Forever 21, old, similar/ Heels: Steve Madden, similar/ Watch: Michael Kors

Sarah’s Look: Dress: Donna Karan New York via Rent the Runway/ Clutch: unknown, similar/ Heels: Michael Kors, similar

Renting these dresses from Rent the Runway was so easy. You literally pick what you want, they send it to you, and then you send it back four days later in the pre-addressed envelope. Both Sarah and I were really satisfied and will definitely be using this site again. By the way, this post is not sponsored, I just am really obsessed with this site!




Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked for the red carpet. Thus, this foot selfie.



Overall, I really loved the show. Sue Wong’s collection was gorgeous and the details on her pieces are amazing. I was especially obsessed with all the extravagant headpieces and secretly wish that there could be some occasion where it might be socially acceptable to wear them!

After the show, we attended the after party at the designer’s home, which was just as incredible and extravagant as her collection. Of course, there was more red carpet to walk. ;)


Here we are with our friend Ken, and the designer of some of the awesome headpieces from the show. You can check out more of her work here.

sue-wong-fashion-show-after-party-4122Photo by Greg Doherty

We also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Wong herself! No big deal. ;)
sue-wong-fashion-show-after-party-3793Photo by Greg Doherty

Both Sarah and I had the best time at the show and the party and really wish we could do it every night. If only every week was fashion week!

This post was super long, but I hope you enjoyed this little inside look at LA Fashion Week! Cheers, and have a great night! xo

Black, White, and Red All Over

IMG_5959What is black white and red all over? A newspaper? An embarrassed dalmation? A sunburned Penguin? A zebra painted red? These would all be appropriate answers to this questions, but, for my purposes, the correct answer today is my outfit. If that’s what you picked the first time, you are soooo smart! ;)

If I have been radio silent this week, I do apologize, but it hasn’t been for lack of wanting to update this blog. I am taking 11 units in school this semester so I’ve been trying to get a rhythm going between juggling work and school. So far those two things have been the only things I’ve had time for. Sad face. If you aren’t suffering through college right now, I envy you. There truly are not enough hours in the day! When I am pressed for time and have no space left in my brain to comprehend what to wear, a black and white combo with a pop of some color is a no-brainer; it always looks put together and classic. At this point in my life, I am all about making this as uncomplicated as possible.

IMG_5960 IMG_5934 IMG_5939 IMG_5931 IMG_5957

IMG_5942Top: Forever 21, similar/ Pants: Gap/ Shoes: Forever 21/ Purse: Forever 21, sold out, similar/ Sunnies: Mink Pink, similar/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Bianca Bethune

87th Annual Academy Awards

Last night, rain or shine, Hollywood shut down for its biggest night of the year, the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Even though it was torrentially pouring most the night, that didn’t stop film’s biggest starlets from getting glammed up and donning some amazing fashion. Although many people much more qualified than I have already given their professional opinions on last night’s red carpet, I am here to give you my two cents, for what it’s worth. Here are my unsolicited thoughts on last night’s Oscar fashion!

First up, we have Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta. This dress was pretty, but there is a lot going on here. Between the sheer lace bottom and the bows on top, it doesn’t feel very cohesive. Maybe if she had just lost the bows, it would work better.


Cate Blanchett in this Maison Martin Margiela dress was probably my biggest disappointment of the evening, not because she looks bad, she just doesn’t look great. Normally, Cate brings it and is in the most cutting-edge of fashions, but this just looks like she threw on a black maxi dress and her favorite statement necklace. Obviously, she still looks beautiful, I just have come to expect so much more out of her fashion choices.

Margo Robbie looks gorgeous as usual last night, but I think this St. Laurent dress just wasn’t enough for the Oscars. This would’ve been great at the SAG Awards, but the Oscars are a go-big-or-go-home kind of event.

Patricia Arquette’s black and white Rosetta Getty gown was so chic. Of everything she wore all awards season, this is by far my favorite because she looks so put together, plus the little sash hanging off the back of this dress makes it stand out.

Reese Witherspoon pretty much always looks perfect on the red carpet, and last night was no exception. This simple Tom Ford gown is simple and understated but perfect.

Julianne Moore has pretty much been winning at life lately. Not only has she snagged Best Actress awards at every major award show this year, but she arguably could win Best Dressed Actress at every award show as well. At first I was a bit underwhelmed by this choice and thought her Givenchy Couture dress from the Globes would have been better for the Oscars, however, this Chanel gown is more understated and allowed the attention to be on her achievements rather than her dress. Also, Karl Largerfeld made this himself so…enough said.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Custom Calvin Klein gown covered in pearls is gorgeous! I have never seen anything quite like this. This was definitely a fashion moment that people will remember for a long time to come.

Lady Gaga has definitely been looking a lot more understated lately. The only person you could possibly describe as being “understated” while wearing a white and silver ballgown with crazy sleeves and huge, red, dish-washing gloves would be Lady Gaga, especially when you consider the fact that she once wore a dress made of meat. This Azzedine Alaïa dress would’ve been really gorgeous on its own. The gloves are a bit distracting but, it is Lady Gaga after all.

When I first saw Marion Cotillard’s Dior Couture dress, I loved it, but then she turned to the side and I was trés confused. It just looks like way too much fabric going on for no apparent reason. I get that she is a spokesperson for Dior, but I find it hard to believe that Dior didn’t have something better for her to wear.

Felicity Jones has been touted as this year’s red carpet “it girl,” and while I have appreciated her looks this year, I feel like she tends to look a little too old and matronly. This Alexander McQueen dress just has way too much going on. You want to wear the dress, not have the dress wear you, especially when you are as naturally beautiful as Felicity is.

Oh, Kerry Washington. When you are Oliva Pope on Scandal, man, you look perfect all the time, but sometimes your red carpet game has me scratching my head. This Miu Miu number is a little bit too old, like Mother-of-the-bride old. Save this for when you’re…you know…a mother of the bride.

Naomi Watts is one of my favorites on the red carpet because she likes to go for different looks and pretty much always looks amazing. This Armani Prive gown is fun and different; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gown that looks like it has a bandeau built into it. Also, her beachy hair and simple makeup looks effortless.

I think Jennifer Lopez’s Elie Saab gown was my absolute favorite of the night. It’s almost as though this dress was custom made for her skin tone, because it matches perfectly. It is the perfect blend of sexy and elegant and I am obsessed.

In my opinion, Jennifer Anniston’s red carpet choices haven’t been all that great this year, so thank God she put this Versace dress on and redeemed herself last night. I loved this dress when she got up to present, but the picture actually makes the bottom of this look really sheer, almost TMI sheer. That aside, she looked really beautiful.

Kiera Knightly has figured out how to be prego-chic in this sweet Valentino Haute Couture gown. She said that while pregnant, she did not want to wear tight-fitting gowns and prefers more flowy, comfortable dresses. Who can blame her? This is definitely worlds better than her Chanel pilgrim/doily/weird butterfly dress that will live in infamy.

Motherhood looks GOOD on Zoe Saldana. Well, that and this custom Atelier Versace that fits her new-found curves perfectly. If having twins makes you look this good, sign me up!

Gwyneth Paltrow definitely took a fashion risk last night in this giant rosette embellished one-shoulder Ralph & Russo dress. Call me crazy, but I LOVE this. I think the reason the huge shoulder flower works is that the rest of the dress is simple and tailored perfectly. I know a lot of people probably hate this, but I think this really stands out from the crowd of strapless dresses.

Dakota Johnson is my new favorite I think. Beyond the fact that multiple people swear she is my doppelganger, I just love everything she has worn this award season. When she walked on the carpet in this St. Laurent dress, I was just like…”YAAAASS.” This was definitely one of my favorite looks last night.

I was pretty excited for Rosamund Pike to finally wear something that actually fits her! Between her ill-fitting Vera Wang at the Golden Globes and that large black sack of a dress she wore to the SAG Awards, this dress really does her justice and is gorgeous. This Givenchy dress was another one of my favorite dresses last night.

Behati Prinsloo is always stunning, but I think she looked really elegant in this Armani Prive embellished gown. I also really loved how she kept her hair and makeup simple to really let the design of the dress stand out.

Jessica Chastain in this Givenchy Haute Couture dress was another miss for me at last night’s Oscar’s. To me, she is the modern reincarnation of Jessica Rabbit. This dress did not say “Mrs. Rabbit” to me at all. It just looks too old lady for Jessica Chastain. However, since Jessica usually looks flawless, I will let her off easy this time.

It’s pretty hard not to just love Anna Kendrick. I love everything about her custom Thakoon dress, from the color to the built in necklace. If I had a lot of money and a wedding to attend this spring, I would be trying to get my hands on this pronto. But since I have neither of those things going for me, I’ll just have to admire from afar.

Scarlett Johansson, where do I begin? First of all, the color and the style of this Versace dress is gorgeous, but that necklace is just way too much. Statement necklaces were a big trend last night, but the only statement this necklace is making is that it looks like ScarJo ripped some dude’s beard off last year at a St. Patty’s Day party. Maybe that’s a bit much, but that’s all I can think of when I look at it. On a positive note, she looks like a bombshell even with a half-shaved head.

Last, but not least, we have Emma Stone looking perfect as usual in Elie Saab. She never fails to show up in something chic and fashion-forward. I thought it was a really refreshing choice because it looked conservative from the front, but was completely backless.

What do you think of my picks? I’d love to know what your favorite looks were last night, let me know in the comments! Have a great evening, and thanks for reading! xo

All images via Getty Images