Gold Sequin Pants


To say that I gravitate toward sparkly things is a bit of an understatement, but pants covered completely in gold sequins can still be a little daunting even to the most serious of sequin lovers. I will admit, walking around The Grove in these made me a little self conscious at first, but I quickly got over it because the pants are awesome! They are dressy and festive, and look equally great with chucks or heels. These pants are definitely a solid choice if you want to stand out at a holiday party. However, with pants this loud and sparkly, its important to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple and un-sparkly. There’s a fine line between looking fabulous and outshining the Christmas tree…in a bad way. ;)







Blazer: Nasty Gal/ Top: H&M, similar/ Pants: Forever 21, similar, similar/ Scarf: Forever 21/ Purse: Shoedazzle, similar/ Pumps: Shoemint, similar

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Photos by Amy Nosowitz

Merry and Bright


Get ready, because exams are over and my outfits are about to get super festive. As you are probably aware, not all holiday parties are super dressy affairs. However, during this time of year, I somehow can’t help the fact that all I want to do is get dressed up all the time. After all, there aren’t too many occasions during the year where one can get use out of a sequin pencil skirt. To dress this skirt down, I went for some funky metallic boots, although sneakers might also be a fun choice as well. A beanie and a whimsical sweater add to the fun, casual vibe of this outfit. Ok, maybe a sequin skirt is never that casual, but its the holidays…tis’ the season to be sparkly. Just do it. :)





Sweater: Forever 21, old/ Skirt: H&M, similar/ Boots: Forever 21, similar/ Purse: Fossil, similar/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Beanie: Forever 21, similar

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Photos by Ashley Capella

On the Fringe


I’m not ashamed to say that I am a little bit very obsessed with fringe. Surprisingly though, I have not always loved this jacket. My younger sister got me this for Christmas a couple years ago from a vintage store, telling me that I “could pull it off.” Well, she was right, but at the time I was not convinced. It wasn’t until recently that I had the epiphany that maybe this jacket is awesome. I guess the lesson learned here is that sometimes your younger sisters know better than you…key word being sometimes. ;)







Shirt: Urban Outfitters, old, similar/ Jeans: Free People, old, similar/ Jacket: Vintage, similar/ Purse: Forever 21, sold out /Boots: Shoe Mint/ Sunnies: Ray Ban

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Photos by Ashley Capella

Ribbons and Bows


December is already upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The holiday season has always been my favorite time of year. I’m a sucker for all things Christmas: the music, decorations, movies, baking cookies…I even love going to crowded malls and shopping for presents too, believe it or not. Another awesome part of the holiday season is all the different parties and events. Obviously, dressing festive is a must. When I found these pumps, I had to have them because they are gorgeous and perfect for wearing to Christmas parties. Also, they look just like the much more pricey Aminah Abdul Jillil pumps that I’ve been drooling over for more than a year now. These pumps make me so happy, I don’t even care that I can barely walk in them because of their height! Who needs to be able to walk when your legs look like presents?? :P







Sweater: Forever 21/ Blouse: Kaitlin, similar/ Pants: Just Fab, similar/ Pumps: Just Fab, sold out, similar/ Purse: Vintage/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Ashley Capella

Turkey Day Outfit


Well, it is Thanksgiving already. I personally love Thanksgiving. Usually, I’m the one in the kitchen all day, running around cooking a huge meal for my LA family. Obviously, if I am going to slave away that hard in the kitchen, I am going to EAT. This means you have to plan your outfit accordingly. Thanksgiving is not the day to be wearing a form fitting outfit, unless you want everyone to potentially see your food baby. My advice to you is this: wear some pants with a little forgiveness, and put on an over-sized sweater. This way, nobody has to know how much you ate.








Sweater: Forever 21, similar/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Hat: ASOS/ Boots: Shoe Dazzle/ Backpack: Forever 21, sold out, similar/ Scarf: Urban Outfitters, old, similar

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving full of good company and delicious food! xo

Dressed in Plaid


This plaid shirt dress has to be one of my favorite pieces I’ve bought this season. First of all, wearing this feels like I am going out in a really comfy nightdress. I haven’t worn a nightdress since before I was 10 years old, but this is so cozy that it reminds me of what they felt like. Secondly, this dress is pretty effortless. I just throw this on with some fun jewelry and boots and BAM, I’m ready to go. Third, its plaid and who doesn’t love some plaid in the fall? I look forward to layering this with sweaters when it finally starts to get chilly around here, but who knows when that day will come. Sorry ’bout it for all the 200 million people out there who have that nasty “polar vortex” to deal with this week!








Dress: Forever 21, sold out, similar/ Boots: Freebird by Steven, old, similar/ Purse: Shoe dazzle, similar/ Necklace: Forever 21, similar/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Watch: Michael Kors

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Photos by Ashley Capella

All Black Everything


Congrats everyone, you have made it to Friday! I love the weekends just as much as the next person, but lately I have been taking full advantage of them by just being lazy around the apartment. My schedule has been nothing but school, work, and more work lately, so all I want to do on my days off is stay in and order takeout. I know, glamorous, right? In the event that I do decide to get off the couch, the last thing I want is stand in my closet for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear. That’s where going monochromatic comes in handy. Wearing one color (or in my case, non-color) makes figuring out what to wear simple. If you want to spice this up a bit, play with different textures and proportions. There you have it, my guide to lazy day dressing. Now get out there, all you weekend warriors…or don’t.






Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Just Fab, similar/ Shoes: H&M/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Purse: Just Fab, similar

Thanks for reading and may your weekend be filled with rest and good takeout! ;) xo

Photos by Ashley Capella

A Lesson in Shopping Savvy


Look at this dress. Now, take 10 seconds and think of where I might have bought it. If Free People comes to mind, you aren’t completely wrong. The slip under the dress is from Free People, so good job! ;) If you are like me and love Free People but can’t bear the thought of forking over $100+ dollars for a dress, you are not alone. Every time I walk into Free People, I cry a little bit. I want everything, but 95% of the time I am not willing to pay their ridiculous prices. However, I have found that you can find clothes with that same boho-chic vibe on Ebay that look like the real thing, but for a quarter of the price. I know, brilliant right? This particular dress is pretty much exactly like its Free People counterpart. Don’t believe me? Check it out here. I’m here to tell you that you can have this dress for $20 or less. This has been your amazing shopping tip of the day. You’re welcome.






Dress: Ebay/ Slip: Free People/ Shoes: Report Signature, similar/ Bag: Michael Kors, no longer available, similar/ Necklace: Forever 21

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Photos by Ashley Capella

Don’t Sink my Battleship


When was the last time you saw an outfit post on a battleship? The answer is probably never. Pretty cool though, right? In the spirit of spending the afternoon on a boat, I decided to dress accordingly with some nautical touches here and there. These denim joggers are kind of my new favorite pair of pants. They’re pretty slouchy, but throw on some gold wedges and suddenly you could totally go out in them. That being said, I wouldn’t really recommend wearing said wedges to tour a battleship. It’s totally doable, but not without its difficulties. So, if you happen to find yourself in the Long Beach, California area and feel like taking in some history and wandering around a battleship, definitely check out the USS Iowa. But probably wear flats…you can thank me later.








Shirt: Forever 21, similar/ Pants: Forever 21/ Bag: Kate Spade/ Wedges: Jessica Simpson/ Sunnies: Mink Pink, no longer available, similar


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1 Midi Skirt, 2 Ways


Welcome to the second edition of me putting on one garment and styling it two ways! The midi skirt has been on trend for the last two years now, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I have a pencil skirt midi, but have been shopping for the perfect full midi for a while. I bought this one about a month or two ago and have been dying for summer to end so I can start wearing it. Here’s a couple of things to love about a full midi skirt:

1. It comes in at your waist and flares out, big time. This is only beneficial if you like to look like you have a tiny waist and hide anything you aren’t too crazy about below. If that’s something you aren’t going for, then this skirt may not be for you.

2. There are not too many pieces of clothing that can just make you feel like a lady….who should be going to a ball….This could just be me, but that’s how I feel in this skirt.

3. The Spin Test. You know what I mean.

My first inclination with a skirt like this is to wear it with a simple, fitted top. However, in the name of having fun, I decided to style this skirt with a quirky sweatshirt, a dash of leopard, and girly accessories.



One of my neighbors is the lucky owner of this awesome mint colored scooter. I would have one of these too if I wasn’t so afraid of all the really horrific LA drivers running over me. You only get one face, ya know? In any case, it made a great prop for this outfit…my facial expression is due to the fact that I was pretty nervous said owner would come out their back door to see me sitting on their scooter…livin’ on the edge, that’s how I roll! ;)




Now I present look 2: classic, sleek, and modern. A skirt this great doesn’t always need a lot of embellishment, because it can stand on its own and be the focus of your look. I like the crop with this as it shows a little skin to contrast the fullness of the skirt.




By the way, if you are anything like me and are constantly drooling over Aquazzura‘s gorgeous heels but can’t afford them, this pair from Forever 21 is a pretty great alternative. The added bonus is that they are actually pretty comfortable too. Saving about $580 AND not making your feet cry? I’m down.



First look: Sweatshirt: Forever 21, sold out, similar/ Blouse: H&M, similar/ Skirt: Sammy Dress/ Heels: Shoemint, old, similar/ Clutch: H&M, old, similar/ Sunnies: Mink Pink

Second look: Top: American Apparel/ Skirt: Sammy Dress/ Heels: Forever 21/ Purse: Shoe Dazzle, old, similar

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Photos by Bianca Bethune <3